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Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyers Who Give Back More Than They Take

Our Firm’s Attitude is Gratitude

We strive to give our community MORE than we take from it. We have been a part of these events below. John is also on the Boards for the National High School Basketball Association, the Shannon Miller Foundation & speaks to students about ethics and passion. He advises GREAT (the Golden Retriever Emergency Assistance Team) and other non-profits, as needed.

“It’s about passion and compassion and it starts in the community, helping those with needs.  Our firm attitude is gratitude,” says John Phillips, the founding partner.

In 2014, we were recognized by 904 Magazine as a “Company with Heart” for our community involvement.  You can read the issue here.






Toys for Tots1468613_599364230100266_784680536_n

Each holiday season, the firm is an official toy drop-off for Toys for Tots. And, each employee can’t help but add their own donations as well, with hopes of making local children in need a little happier at Christmas. In 2013, our office collected two van loads of toys. We end the year with an open house and holiday party to say thank you to clients, friends and family.  View the photos here:


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K9s for Warriors

We continue to come up with ways to donate to K9s for Warriors. K9’s for Warriors is dedicated to pairing service animals to American veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Teaming up and Fund Raising for Operation Orion in 2014:

2012: Our office took a tour of the K9’s for Warriors facility in Ponte Vedra and provided a monetary donation.

In the photo, John hands a check to the founder of K9’s for Warriors out of appreciation for what they do for our community. It is a great concept, we were really glad to help.

2011: In honor of Veterans, John held a “like drive” and raised $500 for K9’s for Warriors.


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Ronald McDonald House

When the Ronald McDonald House posted they needed more supplies, John and TC delivered, literally.  John and his firm have provided monetary, can tab and item donations to Ronald McDonald House for years.

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a nonprofit donor-supported organization dedicated to attacking cystic fibrosis from every angle. Our focus is to support the development of new drugs to fight the disease, improve the quality of life for those with CF, and ultimately to find a cure.

We sponsored Eden Kendall’s River Run efforts to raise money for Team Courtney and Cystic Fibrosis:

John raised over $3000 in total and donated almost $1000 himself. He also donated his “body” to the cause and was a model in CF’s Fashion by Moonlight event.


John has also been a celebrity bartender, raising tips for Cystic Fibrosis.  John bar-tended in Law School, so he knows his way around on the service side of a bar.

Cystic Fibrosis Donation Page

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Blessings in a Backpack

Blessings in a Backpack provides elementary schoolchildren who are on the federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program with a backpack of food to take home for 38 weekends during the school year. Backpack food includes easy-to-prepare, ready-to-eat foods, like granola bars, juice boxes, mac and cheese, and oatmeal.

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Duval County Public Schools

Our Law Offices donated one and a half truck fulls of furniture to Teacher Supply Depot which will save the Duval County Public School “several thousand dollars, that can now be spent elsewhere on students,” according to a letter the office received from them.


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DCPS Teacher Dewitt Robinson – Shooting Hoops for Class Laptops

John and our office donated and helped a local Duval County Public School teacher shoot hoops to raise money for charity. Dewitt Robinson shot basketballs for 10 hours to raise a class set of laptops for his class.  Not only did John contribute money and gather support from friends, but he showed up and rebounded balls for Mr. Robinson.


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Boston Bomber’s Hiding Place – Donations for a new Boat for the Boat Owner

Feeling bad for the innocent boat-owning victim of the bombings in Boston, John offered to donate $1,000 to the owner of the boat that was shot up during the apprehending of the second Boston bomber. Read more.

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Jacksonville’s Police Athletic League

Jacksonville’s Police Athletic League is is a non-profit 501(c) (3) youth-serving organization with the cooperative effort of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.a non-profit 501(c) (3) youth-serving organization with the cooperative effort of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Our law office donated $800 and John participated in the dodgeball tournament and helped WOKV, the radio station his show is on raise more money than any other team. Learn more.

And donated to WJXT’s team as well:

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Clara Barton Mission

Clara Barton Mission offers more than meals for the hungry and transitional housing for the homeless. It offers hope and a way out of the misery of a life on the streets. Yes, it provides food and housing, but it also offers vocational programs to put people to work.

We donated turkeys and spent some time at the Mission for Thanksgiving.

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Jacksonville Humane Society – Bo the Celebrity Dog

Helping Injured DogMost members of our firm have pets.  John has a golden retriever and a chocolate lab.  They are family.

As such, we could not resist the opportunity to help this sweet, full of life pup. “Bo” now a celebrity dog here in Jacksonville, Florida was severely injured at the hands of a person with several knife stabbings and yet Bo still loves people. Bo is a true survivor! We were happy to help with Bo’s road to recovery.


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GREAT – Golden Retriever Emergency Assistance Team

When foster parents don’t do what they are supposed to do, GREAT calls John.  He makes sure the dogs are in safe, loving homes and donates his time to this great cause.

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ALS – Ice Bucket Challenge

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

John and other members of his firm played sports growing up.  John is also a Christian, first, and a lawyer, second.  He donates to the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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Caddyshack Charity Golf to Benefit the Fireman’s Public Safety Foundation

Each year, the Murray Brothers, who own CaddyShack restaurant in World Golf Village hold a charity golf tournament, which has benefited the School for the Deaf and Blind and, more recently, the Fireman’s Public Safety Foundation. The Murray Bros. Caddyshack® Charity Golf Tournament has raised over 4 million in its 14 year history.

It is a fantastic event. Learn more here.


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BEAM – Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry

BEAM, or Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry was founded in 1985 by The Beaches Ministerial Association with help of a generous donation from Henry Blackstock to help folks in need of the basic necessities of life.

Each year, they have a fashion show and party, where attendees donate food, a toy and other donations.  John participated as a donor and model in 2013.


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Big Cat Country, Attorney John Phillips and Jaguar Carson Tinker Team up to Make Logan a Happy Kid (2014)

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Children’s Rights

Speaking Out Against Bullying Before Appellate Court

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Lawyer John Phillips Interviewed About Being Bullied and Impact it Had On Him

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Victims of Violent Crime and Civil Rights Advocacy

Working For Victims of Violent Crimes alongside Dr. King’s Niece

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Interview About Reasonable Gun Violence Regulation

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Attorneys John Phillips and TC Roberts March with Mad Dads and Clients

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Invited to Present to Florida Legislature About Gun Laws

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Supporting Client Speaking Before U.S. Senate

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John Phillips Organizes Benefit for Spina Bifida (2007)

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