A Jury of One’s Fears: What Being a Juror Could Cost You

Most of us know a little bit about what being a juror really means. Some of us have a fictionally inflated version of what a jury is, compliments of Franklin, Bash, Ice-T and William Shatner. But what is being a juror, really? There are … Continue reading

Click. Print. Gun.

A man in Japan was sentenced to two years in prison for manufacturing two guns with a 3-D printer. In addition to printing the two guns for himself, the 28-year-old Yoshitomo Imura also released his design data, which is needed to print a … Continue reading

Semi-Truck Crashes into Back of School Bus, Passenger of Semi Was Not Clothed

Seven Starke Elementary students were taken to the hospital after a semi-truck rear ended a school bus. According to First Coast News, one of the students and the two people inside the semi were in serious condition and taken to … Continue reading

Our Appellate Decisions and Lobbying: Changing Laws, Protecting People

Our Appellate Decisions: Changing Laws, Protecting People John M. Phillips After a trial is over, sometimes important issues warrant an appeal. Appeals to Florida’s courts of appeals and Supreme Court provide us with an opportunity on behalf of our current … Continue reading