THROWN OUT OF COURT: Aiden Patrick (deceased 4 years old) v. Volusia County

Judge Rouse Throws Out Case Against Volusia County SUMMARY JUDGMENT ORDER DOWNLOAD HERE ->  Aiden Patrick Case Dismissed Two Four Year Old Children Killed in 2010 on Volusia Beaches Before Erin Joynt was run over on Volusia beaches by a … Continue reading

Semi-Truck Crashes into Back of School Bus, Passenger of Semi Was Not Clothed

Seven Starke Elementary students were taken to the hospital after a semi-truck rear ended a school bus. According to First Coast News, one of the students and the two people inside the semi were in serious condition and taken to … Continue reading


LAWYERS SUSPENDED FOR BAD BEHAVIOR: A Lack of Professionalism and Composure during Depositions By Joshua E. Rodgers (“Intern Josh”) and John M. Phillips Lawyers are a different breed of person.  Where most individuals avoid confrontation and argumentative situations, lawyers run … Continue reading